Singapore Eats: 80’s (八零后) Roasted Delights in Tiong Bahru

‘Singapore Eats’ is my way of documenting my experience with food in Singapore. I am dedicating this first post to a local hawker in my hood, 80’s (八零后) Roasted Delights in Tiong Bahru.

I’m always on the lookout for a good plate of roasted meat rice, may it be roasted pork (siu yoke), Chinese BBQ pork (char siu), roasted chicken or even roasted duck. Roasted meat rice is a staple hawker food that I grew up eating, so it’s comfort food to me.

It has proven to be difficult to find a plate suited to my tastebuds, as I have high expectations for roasted meat rice. Taking into account the rice and chili sauce served alongside it as well, the overall experience is only complete if it is served with oily rice and spicy chili sauce.

Roasted Duck Rice

Recently I have came across a decent plate of roasted duck rice at 80’s (八零后) Roasted Delights in Tiong Bahru. They have oily rice but it sells out by noon so what you see below is a sad plate of white rice instead. I’ve been to this place twice, once during daytime and once at night, so this picture was taken during dinner time.

What makes this roasted duck special is that it is herb infused! You’ll get a whiff and mild herbal taste if you take the time to enjoy this plate of duck-y goodness. I was surprised by this as the typical roasted duck rice is not like this unless you go for the braised version. The chili sauce is not the best, not spicy and watery but it has a nice tangy taste to it.

This plate of rice cost $4.00, which is decent and hard to come by in today’s economy + inflation. It’s $4.50 if paired with noodles.

Location of 80’s (八零后) Roasted Delights in Tiong Bahru

You can’t find this place on Google which is surprising, for Singapore. So here is their address and some direction on the location..

Address: Block 26 Jalan Membina, #01-10, Singapore 161026

Same area as Common Grill by COLLINS and Shi Zhi Wei 食之味 (Jalan Membina).

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